12 Months. 12 Testimonies

It is my prayer you are doing well. I had a great year 2015 and i am happy to be alive and about to see a new year. God has been faithful no wonder i thought to write my testimonies from the year. I am narrowing them down to 12 (do it for the gram blog) but they are way more.
1. January 10th had great news about my little sister's A level results. That girl made us proud and I am grateful for her  success after those long nights of studying and no sleep.

2. February the 14th is and was a great day..quite cliche since it's Valentines day but it is much more special to me #double package

3. This is quite personal and you might be asking why did i then include it if i was not going to write more. Do not judge me, it's still a fresh wound but i am grateful that although  March 26th 2013 was unbearable,  i am getting used to the new situation and trusting God more.

4. I love going to church and i am proud to say the church i go to uplifts my spirit each Sunday. The pastors are God given. What better testimony!

5. May was incredible, i do not remember everything vividly but the happiness is beyond compare.

6. June the 17th is the youngest in my family's birthday. She is a source of joy and i thank God for blessing her with more years.

7. Woop woop, July is packed with birthdays. My two sisters celebrated their birthdays on the 23rd and the 27th, how great is our God! A testimony of life, life in abundance.

8. August 2nd marks her royal majesty the Queen 's birthday! Yes me. I testify the goodness of God. Oh did i tell you a surprise birthday dinner was organized for me? Thanks A and my lovely friends.
Still in August , the Queen mother celebrated her birthday. I am speechless when it comes to my mum, she is just blessed.

9. I started this blog on August 4 2015. It has been 4 great , experimental and learning months.

10.My dear beloved A is born on the 15th. More blessings. More years. More success

11. Guess who is done with University examinations forever until she starts her MBA? Meeeeee. Ebenezer !!!

12. My nephew Jr celebrates his 4th birthday on the 28th, Our almost-Christmas baby. Ts the season to be jolly and my dear friend Adel celebrates her 21st! On the same jolly note, a great year has come and is about to end. I lived, i loved, i was here. There were ups and downs but God's faithfulness prevails in my life. I can not wait to see what 2016 has.
I challenge everyone to make a list or verbalize their 12 testimonies. Count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done! Happy and blessed 2016!


  1. Am sorry about the wound that you couldn't open up about but I hope you heal well and your heart be at peace. Am happy about the other things that you are celebrating; family, birthdays, church and valentines, 2015 was an amazing year, let;'s hope 2016 will be better!


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