Making : Sure that my nails don't crack otherwise i will cut them all and start again! Please nails...cooperate.

Drinking : Do i need to write this? TEA

Reading : My bible. I am so proud of myself because i have time to read the bible often.

Wanting : Nothing really #content

Looking: Good is an attitude. I think i'm supposed to write what i'm looking at here.Right?

Wasting: No time or energy on randomness. I'm minding my own business more. Yip yip

Wishing: Ehmm                       

Waiting: Patiently for Christmas. I love the sales that comes with it.

Wondering: When exactly Game of Thrones will be back. They said spring 2016 and i still don't know when that is!!

Loving: The fact that i'm done with exams. Is there anyone who likes loves school?

Hoping: I find a solution for something!

Marveling: At the weather these days, i hope it's called marveling.

Needing: A manicure and my mum!

Smelling: A papaya and mango candle that i've had for a while now. The smell is so fruity, obviously but it's just too sweet and fruity! You know what i mean?

Knowing: 2016 is a few days away! Where does time go? I'm ready for it though. (flicks hair)

Thinking: Happy thoughts

Bookmarking: My birthday. August 2nd 2016

Opening: A dress lol. Oh a bottle of .... guess what?

Giggling:At what i wrote on opening^

Feeling:Genuinely fine. I love what life is doing to me at the moment.

Cooking :Jollof rice! I think i have mastered the concept now but as they say, practice makes perfect.

Playing: Oceans by Hillsong. That song speaks to my bone marrow!

Enjoying: Every moment, sounds cliche but that's actually what i'm doing!

Liking: That i am getting more interactive with other bloggers. So much talent out there #bowdown

Wearing: Different things. I have been experimenting quite a lot.

Following: Bloggers and snapchatters! Be sure to write in the comments section; your blog name or snapchat name/ID/handle..what is it called anyway?

Noticing: I have been going with the flow #zeropressure

Feeling: Homesick. It struck me baaaad but i will be fine.

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