The truth behind the lies!

Ever wondered why people or you, indescribably lie that much? Ever wondered why the only thing you can defend yourself with are lies or why most people defend themselves with lies more than the truth? Well, i always wondered too until i thought to research and know 'the truth behind the lies'. Please note that these are not all the reasons why people or you lie, but just some of the things that i came across and really made sense. 
*What are some of the lies you've heard? Please share. 
Happy learning!
I discovered people lie because they are afraid. This is mostly common in kids but adults lie due to fear too. The next time you or someone lies, ask yourself what you're afraid of because that's the root of your lie. Uproot that and you're lies-free (if there is anything like that)
2.Insecurities and low self esteem
Bamm! Feeling less of yourself causes you to lie basically because you think if you don't lie about who you really are you won't fit in. The cure to this cause is simply loving yourself and doing some self-search so that you don't feel the need to add some 'salt and pepper' so that people view you differently.
3. To continue the gossip or gist!
Most people lie when they are talking about something or someone mostly. This is one of the common ways people lie just so they can continue the conversation or so that whoever is listening can get to hate/love/despise 'the person in question'. I admit to this type of lying. Those stories which require me to add some toppings on that gist. Na'am saying. Well, the cure to this 'additive lying' is to desist from unfruitful talk. PERIOD.

I hope you have found the missing puzzle behind those lies and if  you are a pathological liar, please do something about it because lying is such a bad habit. It's just like picking your nose in public!



  1. Guilty #hides...thnx for the hints ...x.o.x.o

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  3. And some have a propensity of lying, it's intrinsic, they can't just do without lying.

    1. Couldn't agree more, only devine intervention can reverse that!

    2. I lie to make my stories interesting... I guess that's the art of storytelling... lol

    3. I too, blame it on the arts lol. It however, shouldn't be a habit


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