Thai Odyssey

So i got an opportunity to go for a full body massage at Thai Odyssey IOI Mall , so relaxing, nurturing, therapeutic,  the place was so cosy and i could short-change you guys if i just describe! You should definitely check it out if you're in Malaysia or any other countries.

Before we go too far, this was my first time getting a professional massage, they called it aromatherapy so i did not know what to expect. One thing that was definitely running through my mind before i got there, was  a massage of cause, hot stones , slow music and photogenic rooms! Don't judge me. Getting there, my expectations were exceeded.

The reception was awesome, with a beautiful girl who obviously knows how to do her job. She offered tea (herbal something something) ummm no ma'am lol. 

There were beautiful ornaments everywhere and just sitting there is relaxing enough.

A few minutes later, two ladies came and ushered us to a foot washing place. My feet were thoroughly scrubbed. I had to ask for the product name but she didn't know. I guess it was just a polite way to say "it's confidential Miss"

Foot washing ended  and it was time to go to the massage room. Lo and behold, a cosy , cosy and very cosy room. I loved the tulips on the bed, made of white towels. The aromatherapy started, no muscle was left unattended. 

My back got the feel of the massage, the foot massage stands out as my favorite. She moved to my neck then back again, oh my gosh..I wasn't ready. I was surprised to know my one hour was over already! Time runs so fast when you're having a good time. I am not complaining, i just wanted an extension haha. 

There you go guys, that was my first time at the spa. It will not be the last. Definitely. If you get the opportunity, visit a Thai massage center. They know how to do their work! Till next time, and oh:please share how you pamper yourself on a Friday!



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