Taking Stock Two

Making : This post. It's called writting though

Cooking : Noodles two days in a roll. P.S not those boarding     

school noodles!

Drinking : Tea with lemon..Heavenly!

Reading : I plead guilty to not reading any book

Wanting : This flu to just go. So irritating

Looking: What am i supposed to write here? Looking with my eyes? If so, my laptop

Playing: No music

Wasting: Nothing

Wishing: The weather was not hazey early this week. I'm sick because of that!

Enjoying: Face-timing with my cute lil sisters

Waiting: To go for a wedding. This girl is super excited.

Liking: My midi rings

Wondering: Whats going through your mind. This stock is meh

Loving: The support i'm getting from people concerning this blog. I'm grateful!

Hoping: I get well soon. I'm not sick actually, just sneezing and keeping tissues close.

Marveling: At how the 'water only method' is working for me

Needing: Nothing in particular. A beach getaway. Absolutely

Smelling: Olive Cream Bath by Watsons. It is the bomb.com but i think they should have named it Olive Bath Cream instead

Wearing: My favorite blue top and high waisted skirt

Following: I haven't been

Noticing: My nails are not splitting anymore! Long nails, hey boo

Knowing: My cuties are doing well at their new school and my mum is equally fine

Thinking: Of my mum. I miss her..called her. Yayy

Feeling: Great

Bookmarking: This post. I don't ever want to be a victim of flue again. 

Opening: Coconut oil on Saturday #washday

Giggling: Yes i are

Feeling: Happy. The weekend is upon us!

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