PINK...on a Tuesday

I'm a girly-girl but ironically, I am not a fan of pink. I happened to come across this piece  and i automatically saw myself in it and new i would rock the pink out of it lol. Here, I put it together with pink peeptoe heels, my white headscarf, and a pink clutch like bag. 

In other news: 
Can you believe that we are already in September! The year goes by so fassst. Happy new month, may it bring you new blessings and opportunities


I was trying a pose my friend told me to do on the next one. Results show that i'm not that flexible lol


  1. loving the turban! Lol. I also happen to be a lover of pink!

    1. Thank you! I'm learning to incorporate other colors in my wadrope xx

  2. Ofcourse that touch of green.. smh..
    looking fab..


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