If you haven't figured it out yet or you stumbled on my blog for the first time..hie, i'm Grace and OBSESSED with green. I deeply am attracted to this serene and calm color, i can't explain it lol. I know i'm sounding cheezy but yea, I love it.  I also naturally think Green looks good on me and oh, rhymes with my name lmao!
  Enough about Grace and Green

I am also a fan of maxi dresses, they are modest, easy to style, absolutely flattering and girly. This green maxi dress is among my most precious belongings, i love the shoes too, the blazer, bag,that gold-plate belt and me in the picture. This is the point i'm supposed to say i love this look! Talking about obsessions, the sun glasses i'm wearing fall first on  my 'recents'  list. I got them recently and they haven't spent a day alone ever-since! What are some of your healthy  obsessions? Let me know.



  1. His sis Grace, proud of you. You haven't started to define what your blog is about.

  2. Omg.. im sooo excited... first time here.
    You look glamorous.
    Now I've fallen in love with green too..
    You should be my personal stylist *wink wink
    can't wait for more xx
    PS. Green does not rhyme with Grace. lol

    1. Hehe sure thing,u got yourself a stylist,we can now discuss payment methods! Thank you so much, for the positive vibes and for stopping by, it means a lott


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