NO-MORE Mondays

Inspired by Tinashe Mhondamapango
You know how almost everyone thinks Monday is a cursed day, if it were shoes it would be crocs, and all the negativity that comes with a Monday morning? I thought so too since it takes away my weekend and i will have to start school again. Well, this is the worst thing we can do to ourselves hence, we need to start appreciating Mondays. They are simply, an evidence that God is faithful enough to have given us a new week to be awesome! 

Mmm how can i appreciate Monday? Well, i researched a few things that may help you start your week right, motivate you to go to work/school or anywhere that causes you to cringe when your alarm goes off on Monday.

  • Prayer

Praying is an instant boost to a new day and it sure does help you on a Monday

  • Affirmations

These work, if you make it a habit. Affirmations are basically kind motivating words that you tell yourself in front of the mirror, they are pep talks of some sort. Positive affirmations improve and boosts your self esteem.

  • Planning Monday outfits prior

What to wear is one stressful subject even if the closet is full of clothes. The struggle of pairing an outfit can pause as a stress booster on a Monday morning so to stop this, plan what to wear on Sunday.

  • Play your favorite song

This again works, but not for everyone.

  • Eat

A hungry man is an angry man. I don't need to emphasize on hunger-games.

  • Start your journey early

If you are driving, catching a bus or walking to your destination on Monday, do yourself a favor and start the journey early. Nothing screams STRESS more than being stuck in traffic when you have school or work to get to. So the next time you snooze that alarm button on Monday...think about it.

  • Create a reason 

Some of us just start a week with zero goals no wonder Monday is an enemy since it means it's another seven days of eating,sleeping and bathing. Try to create a reason for you to look forward to the new week and because of this, you will bless God and cranky Monday will not know your house!
Till next time

Cheers... Grace


  1. awesome, you forgot to say read Queenn Grace's blog because that is surely becoming a monday priority for me.clear your desk on Friday so that your monday is a breeze, put your files in order because the boss does not have an extra 20 minutes for you to frantically search your PC for that document. I just experienced this a few minutes ago so i am at liberty to say avoid that cranky workmate or that miss popular on Monday and save yourself a looot of stress. Ciao

  2. ☺☺☺I'm humbled and maybe i should edit the post! Thanks and thank you for the additional tips too, have a great week!

  3. ☺☺☺I'm humbled and maybe i should edit the post! Thanks and thank you for the additional tips too, have a great week!


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