Comparison is the thief of joy

Have you ever found yourself frequently visiting someone's instagram feed and spending thirty minutes scrolling on it, or you had intentions of being on that feed for an hour but your thumb snitched you and 'accidentally' liked a photo from 900weeks ago? Me neither! Have you been on facebook longer than you should, stalking people who you don't know or if you do, you aren't that close to them at all? Have you also noticed that after that stalking spree you feel 'different' about yourself or your entire life? Hashtag joy stolen.

Comparing you, your work or where you are in life is not a bad thing because if done the right way, you can get motivated by what the next person is doing. They say the grass is green where it is watered therefore, there is nothing wrong with asking your neighbor where they bought their watering can. I hope it makes sense. What takes away your joy is making what other people are doing, the yardstick for everything. Comparing every tiny bit of the next person's life and wishing it was you. Smh, do you think anyone will envy you too if you continue like that?

Comparison  Obsessive comparison is a highlight of low self esteem because no highly esteemed and confident person can spare some time on knowing what other people are up to so that he will follow suit. Someone who is confident in themselves and their ability, does not subscribe to other people's lives so that they get updates! Did you know that there are life subscriptions these days? Make sure you don't pay monthly subscriptions to other people's lives. Oya, live your own.

People who compare themselves to others are jealous, bitter and obviously unhappy! The more you poke your nose in someone's business, the more successful and eventful that particular person's life tends to get! That's when you will see #beachthings #blessingsonblessings #airpotselfie #graduationEbenezer #### everyday on that person's timeline and you will never get out of that bitterness-jealous boat! In order to avoid bitterness and unnecessary jealousy, stay in your lane, you will get to your destination faster.

Comparison  means you do not trust God and you do not have faith in Him. This is dangerous because without faith, it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11 v 6) How does that relate? Well, if you know God and trust him, 'buying' binoculars to see what's happening in so and so's life will not cross your mind, rather, you will invest that time, effort and money and work towards being a better version of you. 
It is quite easy to be caught up in this world of social media, where almost everyone's life seems to be on fleek, but it's never that serious!

I could go on and on but i'm sure i have already highlighted the sad truth about comparing yourself to people. By the way, you are beautiful/handsome/blessed/successful like you and i am everything like me. We are not the same, even our fingers from the same hand are not, so why o why would we want  mere comparison to steal our joy?

Till next time, be you. Do you boo



  1. One of my favourite poems, "Desiderata" says,
    If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. But comes so naturally sometimes, hehaa! Nice piece though, I'm glad I took the time to read it :)


    1. Couldn't agree more!Comparing is almost natural but the substitute-contentment is so close but we seem not to notice or acknowledge! Thanks for reading,come back next Monday xoxo

  2. very beautiful.. this is my favorite piece... #sheds_a_tear


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