Taking Stock  One

I have been following This is Ess for quite some time now and i must say, she has been a push factor for me to start my blog, tell her if you know her! I saw this TakingStock and since i did not have a blog then, i copied everything and took stock in my diary, that simple right? Wrong! It did not come out as nice. I have therefore, transferred the contents here and will continue Taking Stock 

Making : Time for my blog. I am lovin' it

Cooking : Umm, I haven't cooked in a while, blame it on moving to a new house. Excuse: i'm still settling in

Drinking : Ice lemon tea, it's my favorite

Reading : I haven't been reading but i will download a new book soon

Wanting : To remove my gel extensions, i've enjoyed them ENOUGH

Looking: At a phone ringing, don't judge..it's not mine

Playing: A beautiful shona gospel song i 'discovered' days ago

Wasting: Nothing really

Wishing: I can always be on a one week break from school. haha dream on Grace

Enjoying: Life, one blessing at a time

Waiting: For an important email

Liking: My new lipstick that i feel it's what i have been looking for ! where have you been?

Wondering: When exactly Wendy Williams Show, Power, Grey's Anatomy and Game of Thrones will be back. I miss these

Loving: Being home this week

Hoping: I finish my assignments lol

Marveling: At the commitment i have for this space

Needing: Another leave-in conditioner, mine is about to finish and i have not seen them in shops yet

Smelling: My Bath and Body Works body spray, its velvet sugar!

Wearing: A yellow tee, my midi ring and watch

Following: A number of blogs

Noticing: That my hair is growing well

Knowing: That God loves me and you and He is faithful

Thinking: Happy thoughts

Feeling: Myself hehe

Bookmarking: I don't have anything yet, lack of reading I guess

Opening: Nothing, today

Giggling: At what i just heard, someone is planning a white lie

FeelingGrateful but hott! Wish it could rain

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