Something about a trip, on the road

I'm sure you already know what that title is about, but if, and only if, you are not sure.. amma tell ya. Road trips are always a good idea, except when your battery dies and you don't have a power bank or a car charger! I think i will literally die. I am my phone's friend. It's not good but i can't help it. Back to road trips, I love the idea of travelling by road, with snacks, music and awesome people. There is just something about the road.
Growing up, we were always on the road. My dad was such an awesome driver and we always used to travel. I remember vividly our last road trip to a place called Troutbeck Inn in Zimbabwe, that place is gorgeous!

Moving on, some time last year i went on a trip to Port Dickson Beach  and Melaka Zoo and best believe that these are awesome places to be. I have photos to prove!



  1. Gtta start preparin myself for a trip ey...#motivated

  2. Yes yes! We really should plan one..we got a driver already! You

  3. Kkkkkkk I used to have one of your pics with Tino, mom and dad at Troutbeck, Nyanga Zimbabwe. It was awesome. And true, Dr Dhliwayo was an awesome driver.

  4. I have motion sickness... soo road trips are a bad idea... :(
    I envy you..

    1. No way! There are so many other beautiful things to enjoy though, or maybe you should do the driving else you will just resort to flying :) #win


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