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Does background really matter?

B A C K G R O U N D...it depicts something that is literally at the BACK and straight down on the GROUND yet here i am, asking if it matters. You, in your mind might have already answered according to your own line of thought but hear me out. 

 In MY opinion, the background of anything matters in a way.Lets take for example, when you're applying for a place in college, a job vacancy, a culinary school or in my mind, wanting to date someone, you happen to get questions like tell me about yourself, have you done this before, do you have any knowledge about this...and so on. A person's background does not, i repeat does not DEFINE them but it sure does matter.

If you are like me, scared of numbers lol, not so scientific but artistic, you wouldn't expect yourself to be admitted into medical school or to be seen doing ACCA except praise God, a miracle happens and you are renewed with a packed mind for the new field, you definitely need to have a background of a science subject or should have done a commercial subject before, for you to be eligible and not get embarrassed when you're asked for referencing. 

Again, this background-business in my opinion matters in relationships. They say you can easily tell who a guy is by the way he treats people around him, how he treats the waiter at a restaurant and most of all, how he treats his mother! As a girlfriend/fiance/wife you can't expect a man to treat you better than how he treats the woman who labored, pampered, prayed et cetera for him. Why are you writing all this might be the question. Well, i'm just highlighting the importance of someone's background because most times people act, react, interact and behave in certain ways simply because they were raised that way or they have a 'background' of the same action! I also believe that a person's background whether good, bad or ugly does not define who they are, their future or destiny but it still matters as it helps the people around them to know them more. 
What do you guys think? Does background really matter? I want to know your views. 



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  2. Bravo, i really appreciate what you just did there. On the other hand i would say it also depends on how one adapts to situations, the environment and stuff like that. One fact of life is that only you know your story, so you can tell it how you like ...that's what i think.

    1. Yea, it's two sided i must say. Some people completely rub that part of their lives when a new opportunity comes.

  3. Yes background matters. Not only in personal relationships but also in business. You need to do a background check on someone before you can trust them with your time, money, talents, business, heart etc

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    1. True that, yet some people swear they don't have ties with where they're from!


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